Let us develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness
Let us dare to identify with each other
to suffer with and not to stand apart
Let us dare to say that your struggle is also mine
My crisis is also yours
Let us dare to live as brothers and sisters,
mutual citizens or risk perishing as individual consumers
without unity or strength
without a single place to call home.

Congratulations to Wavell State High School, The Remix 2014 Grand Champions & also winners of the judges choice awards!! You were amazing!!
Massive congrats also to Rochedale State High School (Seniors) for taking out 1st place in devision 1 and receiving the Championship crown too!!

Photography by: Melly Niotakis ...

What a fantastic 2nd session and an amazing day! Thankyou to Brisbane City Council for providing such a great platform for our amazing young talent. Be sure to keep in the loop from tomorrow onwards where we'll release photos, scores, and many more fun things. Thankyou all for coming to support yet another year of The Remix, Thankyou to the amazing performers, dance teachers/leaders, schools and everyone else in between. Have a safe drive home! #TheRemix2014 ...

Wow! What an exciting 1st session. Thankyou Brisbane City Council for allowing The Remix to hold such a fun time with such TALENTED young people. See you back at The Piazza for our 6pm Session 2. #TheRemix2014 ...

Doors are open! Be sure to get in quick and have your ticket on you ready to present to our friendly staff. Session 1 is going to be a big one. However, if you didn't get a chance to grab a ticket, be sure to watch outside on our big screen. #TheRemix2014 ...